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Community Management

Despite what you may have heard, a community manager doesn’t just troll the Internet all day. And it’s not all firing off promotional tweets. Nope, the job is a lot more involved and way cooler than that. A community manager helps build, grow and manage a company’s or brand’s online communities. Using analytics tools to monitor social media outlets, online forums and blogs, a community manager finds out what people are saying about a company or brand. A community manager also engages with customers and fans, and uses social media and live events to help increase brand loyalty.

Good communication skills are a must. You have to be able to talk to people in a way that makes them comfortable with you, and you have to listen to what they expect, what they want. Empathise with them.Trustworthiness is also important. Your customers have to believe what you’re-saying and buy (in more ways than one) what you company is selling.

That's why here we offer the following services brought by our HelpUers.

  • Setup your social media
  • Create content (articles, videos…)
  • Post on your social media
  • Answer comment to generate leads
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